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Blocked Drain? Here is some great advice for helping to detect and solve.

At Mr Plummer we service Coffs harbour and the surrounding suburbs with emergency plumbing issues like a blocked drain.  We carry all diagnostic equipment like Sewer camera and tracing equipment, and clearing equipment. Our team can  quickly unblock and diagnose the problem getting you back to your busy schedule. We even clean up and disinfect on departure. This is important as we care for the safety of your family and pets.  Call Us Today!

What to look out for when you suspect a drain might be blocked?

Some of the signs to watch out for is rising water from plumbing fixtures, gurgling sounds and bad smells coming from the sub-floor. Other signs of a Blocked Drain can be water overflowing from the exterior overflow gully. This is generally located under a hose tap. No drains should have any resistance with flushing or emptying of faucets. If there is you most likely have a problem with your drains.

Below is a link that shows how a Hydro Jetter machine unblocks a sewer pipe.

For any emergency jobs involving blocked drains, we can have a technician to your premises within the hour.  Most jobs require the pipework to be inspected using our cctv camera to find the break or source of the blockage. With the problem located we can then trace the blockage point to the exact spot and depth. Enabling us to give the customer a firm price on excavation and repair of the blockage.  This is time and money saving equipment giving a quick diagnosis. Allot of the time when we repair the broken pipework our technician will install a inspection point to the surface for future access to save time in getting into your blocked drains.

If the drain cannot be excavated and needs to be repaired we can reline the interior wall of the pipe. This is great for pipework under buildings that can’t be accessed.

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