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Storm Water Repairs Coffs Harbour, Need Help Fast!

Until it rains we often forget about our storm water systems, how they work and why they are important. A broken or undersized storm water line can cause flooding to your property, undermine structural footings. These can cause problems to properties around you. We use our CCTV camera eel to determine the exact cause of the pipe break or blockage. Locate it and dig it up and fix it. So for Storm Water Repairs Coffs Harbour Call Today!

We also design ground water dispersal systems to keep any water from laying around in low point of your yard or drainage for large rain events, call Coffs Harbours stormwater specialist today for more information.

Coffs Harbour is renown for large rainfall events, especially in and around March. Here is a great link for rainfall statistics in our area. Climate statistics in Coffs Harbour.

Other interesting information on flood area’s are below, sourced from

Flood Risk Maps

Council has detailed flood information for the Coffs Creek catchment. Including ‘flood risk’ mapping for Coffs Harbour and detailed planning controls relating to the risk categories, to assist in the assessment of development applications and provide strategic direction for the city. Council also has flood studies for Moonee Creek, Bonville and Middle Creek and the Northern Tributaries of Coffs Creek.

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